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Carmen: Best-tasting sweet Italian frying pepper. Tapered fruits avg. 6" long. 60-80 days.


Escamillo: Fruits are 6" long x 2-2 1/2" wide. 60 days green, 80 days yellow ripe.


Jimmy Nardello: Sweet, Fruits grow to 10'' and ripen to glossy red. Very productive. Excellent frying pepper.


King of the North: Bell. Great sweet flavor. Excellent for stuffing or fresh eating.


Lunchbox Pepper, Mix: Beautiful, mini-sized peppers. Delicious sautéed, as an addition to salads, and perfect for a healthy snack. Smooth, bright fruits average 2 1/2-3" long by 1 1/2" wide. 80 days. Mixed Colors.


Marconi Red: Long 12"" tapered Italian peppers with thin walls, a crunchy texture. Excellent eaten fresh or fresh. 80 days.


Orange Bell: Bell-shaped fruits grow to 4 inches. Excellent flavor and highly productive.


Sweet Banana: Great for pickling or fresh eating. Long, thick-walled, smooth fruits are borne on large plants. Avg. 8-9" long, the fruits are mild when yellow and moderately sweet when they ripen red


Wisconsin Lakes: Early maturing bell pepper. Thick-walled, 4-6 oz. fruits that ripen from green to red. 75-85 days from transplant.


Peppers, Sweet

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