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Acorn Tuffy: The best tasting acorn. Attractive heavy ribbing and black-green skin. For sweetest flavor, wait two or more weeks after harvest. 90 days.


Delicata: Unique 7-9'' long 1-2 lb fruits. Very sweet, excellent for stuffing. 100 Days.


Honeynut Butternut: Adorable, serving size mini butternut with dark tan skin and great sweet flavor. 110 days.


Long Island Cheese: A longtime favorite on Long Island, very popular for pies. Flat, lightly-ribbed fruit looks like wheels of cheese, with buff-colored skin. A very good keeper, of excellent quality, 6-15 lbs each; a beautiful heirloom variety.


Red Kuri: A red-orange Japanese winter squash, fruit is 5-8 lbs each and teardrop-shaped. The golden flesh is smooth, dry, sweet, and rich; a great yielding and keeping variety.


Spaghetti Squash: The classic pasta alternative. 3-5 lb fruits. 88 Days.


Waltham Butternut: 3-6 pounds. Dry, yellow-orange flesh with nutty flavor. Exceptional keeper. 83-100 days.

Winter Squash

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