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Standard red slicers. "Regular tomatoes." Good, classic, all-purpose. 


Earliana: Indeterminate. Standard early variety developed by George Sparks of Salem, New Jersey and introduced in 1900 by Johnson and Stokes. Clusters of 4-5 ounce fruits. Very good flavor. 80 days.


Trucker's Favorite: Indeterminate. Eccellent flavor with uniform 3" pink globes grow in clusters of 3-4. 75 days.


Italian Heirloom: Indeterminate. Bright red fruits grow to over 1 pound. Excellent full tomato flavor. Ideal for slicing and canning—very little waste and easy to peel.


Redfield Beauty: Indeterminate. Flattened pink-red fruits grow to 3-4 oz. Excellent full flavor. Vigorous and productive plants. 80 days from transplant.


Wisconsin 55: Indeterminate. Bright red, globe shaped fruits. All-purpose tomato is great for canning. Released by the Univeristy of Wisconsin in 1946. 80 days from transplant.

Tomatoes, Red Slicers

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