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The best tomatoes for cooking down to sauce or paste. Meatier and less juicy than other slicers and heirlooms. 


Amish Paste: 8-12oz. fruits vary in shape from oxheart to plum. Juicy and meaty flesh. Excellent for sauce or fresh eating.


San Marzano: San Marzano is considered one of the best paste tomatoes of all time, with Old World look and taste. Whole 4–6 oz. tomatoes peel easily and cook down quickly.


Speckled Roman: Indeterminate. Striking red sauce tomato with yellow streaks. Speckled Roman is an elongated plum tomato, avg. 6-8 oz., with bright red skin and golden streaks. Meaty red flesh has little juice, is good for fresh eating, and cooks quickly into sauce. Excellent flavor. Developed by Seed Savers Exchange member John Swenson. 85 days.

Tomatoes, Paste

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