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Cherry tomatoes! You might pop just one in your mouth. Or you might accidentally eat 20 in a row. Oops! That's okay. Plant a couple of these and you'll have plenty all summer long. 


Apricot Zebra: Indeterminate. Stunning, richly tangerine-colored cherries are very unique in appearance, as the lime-green shoulders and extra-fine green striping of the unripe fruit morphs to brilliant yellow at maturity. Firm-fleshed, slightly oblong golf-ball-sized fruit are perfect for salads or snacking. Vigorous, disease-resistant plants are wildly productive. 65 Days.


Black Cherry: Indeterminate. Dusky purple-black cherry tomato. Complex and sweet flavor.


Black Strawberry: Indeterminate. Fantastic, sugar-sweet tomato flavor, that is fruity, with a hint of grape and plum flavors. If you relish the experience of digging into a bowl of high-quality cocktail tomatoes, then the Black Strawberry is your tomato. This 2-ounce fruit is marbled in purple, pink, green and gold. 60 days.


Blue "Boar" Berries: Stunning cherry with high levels of anthocyanin. Interior ripens to a brick red-brown. Outside can be almost black. Big production and great taste from this amazing variety. Sunburn, crack resistant and disease tolerant. Great hang on the vine and self life.


Favorita: Indeterminate. Delicious and productive. This multiple-disease-resistant variety produces loads of round, deep red cherries with fantastic taste on nice long trusses. 58 days!


Pink Bumble Bee: Indeterminate. Has a bright, sweet flavor, and the color is vibrant fire-engine-red with golden orange striping. Vigorous vines yield crack resistant fruit over a very long season. 65 days.


Principe Borghese: Determinate. Italian heirloom famous for sun drying. Small 1-to 2-oz, grape-shaped fruit is very dry and has few seeds. 70-75 days.


Purple Bumble Bee: Indeterminate. Purple, round cherry tomato with metallic green striping. Excellent sweet flavor. Crack-resistant fruits. Produces all season long. 70 days.


Sakura: Indeterminate. Early, delicious, attractive cherry tomatoes. Very tidy, compact plant fits well in tight spaces. Prolific yielder of bright-red, shiny, medium-large fruits. 55 days.


Sun Gold: Indeterminate. Exceptionally sweet, bright tangerine-orange cherry tomatoes leave customers begging for more. Vigorous plants start yielding early and bear right through the season.


Sun Green: Indeterminate. Green when ripe. Sweet with a tangy kick. The strong plants deliver uniform yields of clean, neat clusters. 58 days.


Sun Peach: Indeterminate. Delicious, pink cherry tomato. Sister variety to Sun Gold, is not as tangy and acidic, but is very sweet with excellent flavor.


Sunrise Bumble Bee: Indeterminate. Luminous swirls of reds and oranges, inside the fruit and out! Sweet, fruity taste with oblong little fruit weighs barely an ounce, and sometimes shows a pronounced beak at the blossom end.


Super Sweet 100: The classic sweet red cherry tomato. Reliable cherry with prolific yields of great-tasting fruits. 60 days.


White Cherry: Early and productive pale yellow to ivory 1 ounce fruits; color will be paler with less sun exposure. An excellent color addition to cherry tomato mixes. Sweet fruity flavor. 70 days.


Tomatoes, Cherry

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