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Charentais: Fruits grow to grapefruit size and weight up to 2 lbs. Fragrant, juicy, orange flesh. 75-90 days.

Emerald Gem: Introduced by W. Atlee Burpee in 1886 from seed sent by William Voorhees of Benzie County, Michigan. Pale orange rich juicy flesh is sweet and somewhat spicy in flavor. Heavy producer, 2-3 pound fruits. 70-90 days.


Pride of Wisconsin: Heavy yields of football-shaped 4-8 pound muskmelons. Hard-shelled with firm sweet flesh. Great old-fashioned flavor associated with roadside stand melons.


Sakata's Sweet: This type of Asian melon has been grown in China and Japan for thousands of years but has only recently appeared in American markets. Golden-yellow softball-sized fruits. Flesh is fun to eat, very sweet and crisp. Can be trellised. 85-95 days.


Sugar Cube: Personal-size and widely adapted. Sugar Cube lives up to its name with intensely sweet flavor. Very uniform, heavily netted 2–2 1/2 lb. fruits (just a bit bigger than a softball) with deep-orange, aromatic flesh perfect for single servings. A scoop of vanilla bean ice cream dropped in the seed cavity makes a sublime summer treat. Strong disease package and long harvest window.


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