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Japanese Climbing: Bears tender, crisp, and slightly tart 9"-long cucumbers that are excellent for slicing or pickling. 58-65 days.


Parade: Sweet and crunchy fruits grow to 5 inches long. Resistant to extreme weather conditions. 50-60 days.


Russian Pickling: This early-maturing, smooth-green pickling cucumber has a sweet flavor and good crunch. Shared with Seed Savers Exchange by Daniel L. Flyger—who received it from his neighbor Viola Neubarth—this variety was reportedly brought to Hutchinson County, South Dakota, by the Schwartzmeer Deutsch (Black Sea Germans) in the 1870s.


Snow's Fancy Pickling: Produces good yields of 5-inch long by 1 and half inch in diameter cucumbers. Nice sweet crunch. Great for salads or pickling. 60 days.




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