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Gold Rush: Lime-green leaves are strikingly frilled, curly, and crinkled. Holds without bolting for an extended period. Mild, fresh flavor. Looseleaf, 50-60 days.


Lolla Rossa: Beautiful magenta leaves with tiny frills, light green bases. Mild flavor. Small 5-8" leaves. Cut and come again. Looseleaf. 55 days.


Green Oakleaf: Withstands hot weather, never bitter. Excellent quality even in late summer. Looseleaf, 50 days.


Seed Savers Mix: This well-balanced mix of cutting lettuces brings any salad to life. Cut-and-come-again mix. 40-45 days.





Excluding Sales Tax
  • If the size / variety text is light gray it is sold out.

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